From 2002-2014, MILITEC received over 30,000 emails directly from troops deployed to theater in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not a single email contained a negative comment on the product. Below are a variety of testimonials, some from troops, some from sportsmen and Olympians, and some from law enforcement professionals.


"I have been perfecting my handgun action work for the past 25 years. Very few people, if any, know as much about trigger work as I do. In order to have a glass smooth action, using a superior lubrication is essential. I have experimented with every lubricant I could get my hands on for a very long time. I am convinced that MILITEC-1 Lubricant is superior in everyway. Doing 2 identical handguns identically, I have tried to use different lubricants, knowing the double action trigger pull I should achieve. I always get superior results with MILITEC-1. I am very confident in recommending your product."    – Teddy Jacobson, Pistolsmith, Actions by "T"

"We use mostly M4's and 9MM's. I have a 12 man squad. We love this stuff.”    – SSG William P.

"I was introduced to MILITEC-1 almost two years ago when in Command of a U.S. Army Basic Combat Training unit at Fort Sill, OK. My Battery began using it there with excellent results".    – Captain David G. Ruiter, U.S. Army

"Hands down, the BEST stuff I have used in 40 years of real gunfights. Approved for use on the US Navy submarine fleet. Works on ALL metal tools too."   –Wolf Roman

"I used MILITEC-1 in the Army, I use it at work, and I use it at home. It works extremely well. 10 out of 10."     – Georgia Bowhunter

 "I wish to thank you for the samples of MILITEC-1. My organization does not provide endorsements for products and equipment that we use, but the positive experience I have enjoyed with MILITEC-1 warrants special consideration, which I am pleased to announce is extremely good. 

The three rangemasters assigned to me, including myself treated our weapons, which consist of S&W 4506s, 4566s, Olympic Arms AR-l5s, Colt AR-l5s and Remington shotguns with MILITEC-1. Our discovery was an impressive degree of accuracy and our weapons operated smoother. They were easier to clean and did not seem to build up deposits. This is especially important since we experience very hot and cold conditions, along with blowing sand, which no doubt supports all claims that MILITEC-1 does withstand all environmental effects.

I am very impressed with your product and our experience has been outstanding. Keep up the good work and keep MILITEC-1 coming."   – Lieutenant Joel Darby, District Seven; Taos

"Thank you for the samples of MILITEC-1. All the test samples have been used and the results are, I am pleased to announce, extremely good. 

The U.S. Shooting team's in depth analysis of the tests are ongoing, however I personally found that MILITEC-1 oil gives an 11% increase in accuracy in the Olympic R.F. (.22 cal) Match Pistols when tested. These tests were conducted with a variety of different lots of ammunition. Two of our Olympic Gold Medalist Olympic contenders are at present using MILITEC-1, however the Olympic rules prevent a direct endorsement.

The U.S. Shooting team tests involve the application of MILITEC-1 to the new "Ultra Match" ammunition, at present being produced. The results look promising and I expect to be able to report progress in the near future.

Brad, thanks for the samples of MILITEC-1, I am looking forward to receiving more shortly. I am very impressed with the quality of your product and the excellent results that we have received to date."    – Terry Anderson, Advisory Council, U.S. Shooting Team

"During the Spring of 1991 we were introduced to MILITEC-1 at the U.S. Secret Service Pistol Hatch in Beltsville, Maryland. The demonstration of its lubricating properties was enough to cause us to purchase some of your product. We have been using a number of lubricants over the past years but none have had the impacting results as that of MILITEC-1 . Our tests are not scientific in nature but our results speak for themselves. While using MILITEC-1 during a portion of the 1991 shooting season, our team won an impressive number of matches including the National Police Shooting Championship both team and individual honors, the World Revolver Championship Team Honors, and every gold medal in the World Police Games.                                                                                                                                                

The Mississippi Highway Patrol team has many years of winning tradition at every level of competition. We hope, and work hard, to gain every advantage to improve our marksmanship skills and increase our proficiency. We feel chat your product has enhanced our performance. MILITEC-1 can be added to a clean bore unlike many other lubricants on the market. We also apply MILITEC-1 to all bearing surfaces and exterior of our weapons. Its properties of molecular bonding have numerous advantages and we hope to continue using MILITEC-1 for many years to come."    – M/Sgt. Pat Cronin, MHP Pistol Team

"I'd like to request MILITEC-1 in whatever quantities you can provide in order to support at least 10 infantry squads. The squads are organically outfitted with all weapons systems from M4 through M2's. Thanks for your continued support to the military. Your product has been the only one I've used or recommended since OIF. My mailing address is below. Thanks again!"    – SGM Aron A. 

"I first learned of MILITEC-1 when it was introduced to me by the Drug Enforcement Administration at the Pasadena Police Range. I thought it was just another lubricant in the firearms industry until I used it in a comparison with other lubricants and noticed a marked improvement when I put MILITEC-1 on the automatic slides. As most Rangemasters across this country know, police officers just do not keep oil on their automatics, let alone keep then clean. This is where MILITEC-1 makes up for their laziness.

My second experience with MILITEC-1 was when you visited my range about two years ago. When you demonstrated MILITEC-1 on a pressure machine, it convinced me that MILITEC-1 should be used whenever metal to metal decreases wear, whether it be with firearms or engines.

Also, as a Police Firearms Instructor, I travel to Lassen College in California and Trinadad College in Colorado to teach police armory repair, and I take MILITEC-1 along with me. I believe this product is worth the time and effort to include in my travels and teaching."    Jack N. Preson, Rangemaster

"I've been using MILITEC-1 for guns since 1985. It's a GREAT product. I buy it by the case. I also use it in my vehicles including my motorcycle. Just add (per bottle instructions) when changing the oil. I don't add to transmission but I know people who do."     – akaitsmedre

"Dear MILITEC, Last year at my request you mailed me a couple of cases of your product for use by my infantry platoon in the Army National Guard. At that time I told a representative from your company that I would provide feedback on the product when I felt my soldiers had enough time to use the product and observe the results. Today, after a year of observation on multiple ranges involving multiple individual and crew-served weapons organic to an infantry platoon, I now feel sufficiently suited to provide you with an honest assessment of your firearms lubricant. Overwhelmingly the response from my soldiers has been positive and even grateful. I witnessed and personally helped to expend thousands of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds in MILITEC-1 lubricated weapons and am still amazed at the results. Even in desert climates I observed a drastic reduction in the number of weapon malfunctions on my ranges. For example, while serving as OIC for a battalion level advanced marksmanship range I personally observed some 100,000 jam-free rounds fired in a twenty-four hour period.  Thank you for your superior product! " – Rick X 1LT, ARNG