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An axiom of life for soldiers and Marines has always been: "Take care of your weapon and it will take care of you." Unfortunately, that maxim has not always been followed, and it is sometimes very difficult to do.

Vast experience in Vietnam demonstrated that weapons that weren’t cleaned or lubricated correctly often failed when they were most needed. Weapons lubricants used in that conflict caused problems because they were not suited to rainy and high humidity conditions. Twenty-five years later in Operation Desert Storm the Army and Marines were better trained and had more advanced weapons, but still used the same types of products to clean, lubricate and preserve their weapons. The failures that moisture caused earlier now resulted from just the opposite environmental conditions - a hot, dry climate with the prevalence of fine dust and sand granules. Regardless of the conditions, the results were the same: malfunctions, jams, stovepipes, failure to feed, worn-out parts and even, if some reports are to be believed, weapons bursting open under the pressure of firing.

MILITEC-1® synthetic-based metal conditioner solves these problems.

What is MILITEC-1®?

MILITEC-1 is a chemically reacted synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivative metal conditioner that protects metal with a constant synthetic-based impregnated molecular bond. MILITEC-1 has a flash point of 410oF, a pour point of –45oF, an autoignition temperature of 715oF with a viscosity equal to a SAE 10 weight oil that is clear in appearance. MILITEC-1 contains no solids, PTFE’s, solvents, metals, fluorine, chlorinated paraffins, and does not require agitation before use. MILITEC-1 is also non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-combustible and is approved environmentally on board U.S. Navy submarines.

What Does MILITEC-1 Do?

MILITEC-1® protects metal surfaces with a constant impregnated molecular bond of synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivatives which will not change any tolerances inside or outside of weapons. MILITEC-1®

works within the molecular structure and micropores of metal and non-metallic surfaces of weapons.

Benefits of MILITEC-1®:

• Helps prevent jamming;
• Reduces bore wear;
• Provides excellent rust protection;
• Reduces corrosion, carbon and lead build-up;
• Remains on the metal even after repeated firing - - a minimum of 1,000 rounds;
• Is highly concentrated and long-lasting. One ounce of MILITEC-1®surpasses eight ounces of MilSpec-type lubricants;
• Prevents material build-up since the metal remains constantly lubricated and protected which helps shield against fouling cementing to the metal;
• Makes weapons cleaning easier after treatment since the conditioning results in a 90% friction reduction to the impregnated, constantly-lubricated moving metal parts and does not allow the fouling to cement to the metal surfaces as easily. In working and passive metal parts of the weapon, cleaning time is reduced by more than 50%.
• Once treated, MILITEC-1® is the only product required for the maintenance and operation of weapons.

Traditional lubricants temporarily bathe and coat the metal surfaces and create a temporary film between all metal parts. Since the condition is only temporary, a lack of constant lubrication, over time, leaves the weapon unprotected due to the effects of firing, environmental conditions and long-term storage.

MILITEC-1® performs on all rim fire and center fire weapons, including semi- and fully-automatics of all calibers. MILITEC-1® is applied on all inside and outside surfaces including the bore. After firing enough rounds to heat the firearm, MILITEC-1®can be wiped dry without losing its lubrication effect. When cleaning, only 5 to 6 drops of MILITEC-1®is required for small caliber weapons. When only MILITEC-1® is used, the weapon remains lubricated under all environmental conditions. For long-term storage, i.e., two years or longer, leave a film of MILITEC-1® on all metal surfaces to prevent corrosion.

Contributions of MILITEC-1

While proper weapons maintenance can not always be followed by military personnel, commanders and unit armorers can be confident that their weapons will be combat-ready, even if the users are not thorough enough in their cleaning requirements. (This frequently occurs.) There are enough challenges that combat soldiers and Marines face without adding mal-functioning weapons to that list, especially since their weapons are the most important implements of war that they have to survive and accomplish the mission. MILITEC-1® eliminates those vital concerns since MILITEC-1®is insurance that can save combatants lives. We know that soldiers and Marines were killed in Vietnam due to weapons jamming caused by lack of and inadequate weapons lubricants.

If some of the basic goals of the current "Soldier as a System" initiative are to improve a soldier’s lethality and survivability, the reliability of his/her weapons contributes greatly to these objectives. MILITEC-1® meets these goals because it greatly reduces malfunctions, heat, and wear on all parts of weapons and cleaning time is reduced by more than 50%.

Furthermore, at a time when the U.S. military is being asked to do more for less, time and cost savings are vitally important.MILITEC-1® promotes the longevity and survivability of weapons. This product is essential to the achievement of these goals.


Military organizations and federal law enforcement agencies have recognized the contributions outlined above:

MILITEC-1® is being used by over 75 military organizations.

MILITEC-1® is approved and is being used by the U.S. Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service, State Department and many other state and local law enforcement and correctional agencies.

MILITEC-1® has National Stock Numbers (NSNs) authorized by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).