Military Weapons Maintenance

Law Enforcement Firearms"Take care of your firearm and your firearm will take care of you."

Military and Law enforcement personnel have lived by this maxim ever since firearms were invented. Unfortunately, real-world conditions and unstable lubricants often makes this advice difficult or impossible to follow.

Experience in Afghanistan and the Iraqi theater shows that older-generations and all-in-one oil/solvents often fail just when they are needed most.

General Paul Kern, Commander of AMC, commissioned a five day fact-finding mission in Iraq. The lessons were gathered from 5 through 10 May 2003 from soldiers serving in the Baghdad sector during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Comments came from Brigade Commanders down to riflemen.

Once the team arrived in company areas of operations, they gathered available soldiers, typically 7 to 10, and conducted interviews for approximately 90 minutes. An effort was made to capture observations from soldiers with a wide variety of MOS's and experiences. The team questioned airborne, air assault and mechanized infantrymen, armored soldiers from both armored battalions and cavalry squadrons, and clerks, mechanics, and medical personnel in the support battalion.

The timing was very fortuitous. In almost all cases, the team members were the first external visitors to the unit. Soldiers were fresh off combat operations and were just beginning the stability and support phase of the operation. They were very interested in relating their experiences and thoughts on how equipment could be improved.

The report confirms MILITEC-1®'s capabilities: "Soldiers provided consistent comments that the military's MIL-Spec lubricant was not a good choice for weapons maintenance in this environment. The sand is as fine as talcum powder here. The MIL-Spec lubricant attracted the sand to the weapon. Soldiers considered a product called MILITEC-1® to be a much better solution for lubricating individual and crew-served weapons." (Excerpt from Operation Iraqi Freedom PEO Soldier "Lessons Learned", 15 May 2003.)

We've shipped MILITEC-1® to thousands of troops in the Middle East. Read why troops choose MILITEC-1® over the standard issue?